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Sean Tarpenning – Time Management – How to Manage Your Time

Sean Tarpenning, When I think about time management and how to manage your time, I think about one of the funniest things I ever heard. Someone I was working with said they didn’t have time to take a workshop or learn any of the tips for better time management. Really? That’s when I thought, “Keep doing what you’re doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve got”. That quote applied to them, for sure.

Sean Tarpenning

When people have issues with time management and how to manage their time one of the things that may help them gets through the day is learning how to say “No”. Saying “no” doesn’t always mean that it won’t get done. It can mean that the task won’t get done at that moment. Saying “no” could mean talking to a manager or co-worker first. Then after that conversation, all could agree that the task will get done at a later time. Or, it could mean that everyone agrees that that particular task doesn’t need to be done after all. As each day goes on, there are many times when things that were important at the start of the day become less important by noon or mid-afternoon.

The idea of time management and how to manage your time also means that one person doesn’t have to do everything. A person may be part of a team. A person might be a family member. They might be the head of the house. Or, they could be the manager of a department with a deadline to meet. The bottom line is there are other people around who can do their part to help with getting things accomplished.

A lot of times we think that the quickest and easiest way of accomplishing something isn’t talking it over with another person to help complete the task. A lot of the time we say “oh, I’ll do it myself” and we believe we can do it when we say it. Unknowingly, we could be saying it 4, 8, 10 times a week. We probably never connect our willingness to “do it myself” with the headache, stress, and sleeplessness we may also be experiencing. This is when having great time management skills is important.

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Part of getting everything done includes getting help from all of the resources we have. Resources include co-workers, friends, siblings, family members (including children and teenagers), and anyone else who will benefit from the task being completed. Sharing the time it takes to get a task completed gives everyone more time to do things they want to do, as opposed to being consumed with doing the all things we have to do. It can also allow more time to do some of the other things listed on our To-Do list that needs to be done. (You do make a prioritized To-Do list every day, right? If the answer is no, this is a simple time management tip that can help you get things done more effectively.)

When folks start to get stressed, or when they don’t get everything was done that needs to get done… when they see that others around them aren’t as busy and they seem to be doing everything… it’s time to stop and think. “Did I make a prioritized To-Do list? Did I ask for help? Did I plan for how to get this task done with other people’s help? Do I feel stressed out?” If my answers are not “yes”, “yes”, “yes” and “no”, then it’s time for a change. It’s time to do some real-time management and learn how to manage your time. Getting things done on time with less stress should be the #1 priority.


Sean Tarpenning | Know the Traits for an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is one of the most demanding and challenging career paths one can ever take in their life. Being an entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work and commitment. Let’s look at five key traits by Sean Tarpenning to become a successful entrepreneur.

1. Resilience

When everyone has given up but you still have the determination to fight for your goal, then you are capable of being a successful entrepreneur. When the chips are down but you still don’t give up. There will be tough times as an entrepreneur, but you have to be resilient and face difficult situations.

Sean Tarpenning

2. Leadership

A company is all about a group of people working together to achieve a goal. You need to inspire people to work hard and maintain team spirit. Leaders determine the success of a company by bringing together energetic people and focusing on achieving the goal. Your team will look up to you during tough times. A leader drives the vision of the company and he is responsible to take key decisions that will decide the future of the organization.

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3. Flexibility

As an entrepreneur, you have to work on a lot of ideas simultaneously. You need to be flexible and choose the right ideas and also adapt as per the situation. The world is changing quickly and you need to quickly adjust according to the latest requirements in the market. There are many examples of different companies who did not adapt to the changing business environment and they were ultimately closed down. Entrepreneurs have to assess the situations and move accordingly.

Sean Tarpenning

4. Effective Communication

Entrepreneurs deal with a lot of people in their daily work life and they need to have effective communication to discuss their ideas and vision of the company. Effective Communication helps to reduce stress in challenging situations. Entrepreneurs have to delegate different tasks to their team members and it can be only done properly through effective communication.

Sean Tarpenning

5. Honesty

As an Entrepreneur Sean Tarpenning says entrepreneurs need to honest with their work and professional life. In every situation, you need to be truthful and maintain the right sort of transparency. People should be able to trust you which will help in better functioning of the whole organization and will also create a good environment.


Sean Tarpenning – 3 Personal Development Tools

Sean Tarpenning

Sean Tarpenning – On my ongoing quest for personal growth, I’m always on the lookout for new personal development tools that I can include in my broader goals program. Sometimes I come across tools that are completely ineffective but every now and then I find those rare gems that really accelerate my personal development. Here are just a few that I would like to share with you. See if you can incorporate these into your set of personal development tools.

1. Daily Exercise & Visualization.

This personal development tool is hands down the most effective tool that I have ever used. Listen, writing down your goals, and rarely reviewing them results in zero progress. To make sure you will hit your goal or visibly develop as a person you have to program your goals and personal development objectives into your mind every single day! If you really want to boost the effectiveness of this programming, do it first thing in the morning and couple it with a brisk outdoor exercise. Every morning I walk in the cool fresh air, clearly visualize my goals, and verbally reaffirm every emotion or characteristic I need in order to reach my goals (health, power, energy, leadership, strength, etc.). You will be amazed at how quickly this starts taking root in your subconscious and how you start displaying those characteristics automatically.

Sean Tarpenning

2. Peak Performance Hypnosis.

I’ll be honest with you. I always thought of hypnosis as those hokey stage acts where people start doing all sorts of silly things like barking or doing other embarrassing things. After developing a strong passion for improving myself and doing some research, I now see hypnosis as one of the best personal development tools. Many high-performing athletes use hypnosis to get into a peak performance state of mind and I’m sure you’ve heard the saying of getting your “game face” on. I strongly encourage you to take peak performance hypnosis seriously and consider integrating it into your personal development program.

Sean Tarpenning

3. Music.

Music is one of the best personal development tools. Seriously, think about how quickly music can change your state. I’m sure you have your favorites that you are too embarrassed to share, but I can remember immediately feeling like a champ when I would hear the theme from Rocky as a kid. On my daily walks and visualizations, I now listen to movie theme music that comes straight out of movies like Gladiator. As I’m doing my daily rituals to get into a winning state of mind, I listen to carefully selected music that slowly builds in intensity and peaks with a victorious song that makes me feel like I’m exploding with energy and confidence! The best part is this is one of those personal development tools that’s practically free.

These are my top three personal development tools and I hope they work for you.


Sean Tarpenning | How to Become a Successful Businessman

Sean Tarpenning – To start a business, capital is the most important. But, despite having capital many times, the Leader is not able to run for long. Just as there are many reasons behind the successful company, similarly there are many reasons behind the failure. If you have done a good study on the reasons for the failure of the firm, then it runs according to the organization plan. Let’s know those things by Sean Tarpenning to which successful Leaders pay serious attention.

Sean Tarpenning

Experience and planning

Lack of experience in setting up an organization is one of the biggest reasons for company failure. Before starting any organization, study it thoroughly. Learn about the nuances of that company by making the established Leader as your mentor. There is also a lot of content on the Internet which can give maximum information. Before starting the company, prepare yourself completely, otherwise, you will have to face failure. At the same time, the lack of planning before starting the business also raises the possibility of the business failing. Keep the business plan realistic, accurate, and updated. Before starting a business, get complete information from the experts about planning.

Low capital or wild spending

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It is very important to have enough capital to start a Company. Capital is needed not only to start the business but also to keep the business intact before starting making profits. Most people who start a company either do not understand or ignore the cash flow. In such a situation, the company fails before it starts making profits and has to be closed. An owner should start only if you have the capital to start the firm as well as to run it for at least one year. At the same time, people do not understand how to spend money and spend more money on this affair. This kills the capital and stops the business even before the profits start. Businesses must spend expenses before reaching a break-even point.

Business Start Location

Sean Tarpenning – The organization is done by targeting a customer segment. Where your customer lives and how he has access to you is the most important to set up the company. Many owners face failure due to choosing the wrong location. A good location can also speed up a slow company and a bad location can also flop a good firm. While choosing the location, keep in mind how much your customers are in that area and how the traffic, traffic, parking situation there is. Apart from this, keep in mind how much competition you will face in the selected location.

Sean Tarpenning

Poor management and excessive expansion

The main reason for the failure of any business is its poor management. People starting a new business mostly lack experience in finance, buying, selling, manufacturing, hiring, and managing employees. The market trend is changing day by day. In such a situation, hire a professional to manage the firms well, or get your management work done by outsourcing to a professional. Most Leaders think that to make the firm successful, it should be expanded as soon as possible. Excessive expansion of the business without planning also causes failure. The company should expand only after the first setup is successful and the customer base is strong.

Sean Tarpenning

Social media presence

Sean Tarpenning says in this era of smart phones and the internet revolution, if you are doing organizations, then presence on social media is mandatory. Due to the lack of presence on the digital medium, many Leaders are not able to get in the eyes of customers and fail. Today every business should have at least one well-designed website. If you do not have a social media profile to keep your customers connected then you will be left behind by competitors. If you are able to take orders and deliver orders online, then it can prove beneficial for your company.